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How to Use Less Coffee

What method of brewing coffee uses the least amount of coffee?
Coffee is expensive so I want to find a method to make it using the least amount necessary. I am happy to pay more for the machine needed as long as it uses less coffee!

I use one of those cloth filters you soak in the hot water – 1 table spoon -soak for 5 minutes – being Jewish it works.

What about Cold brewing?

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  1. ????? says:

    A stove top coffee maker (aka percolator) uses the least amount of coffee.

    Added: Hey Robert, if you wouldn’t mind, please provide a link to the product or the brand name or some other info. The walmart near me does not have them, but maybe they could get them in or they could be ordered online. Thanks :)

  2. Tss says:

    coffee would be less expensive then buying the machine and more over whatever machine you buy will increase global warming and other enviormental issues!!!!!!!!!!!!

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