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DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400

DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400

By: Juliana M. Mock
DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400
I am a Seattleite and a serious coffee consumer. I recently purchased this machine at Starbucks for $999.99 and it was worth every penny.

I was at first worried that it would be too cumbersome and difficult to be a worthwhile investment. I was very happy to find that it as as easy as brewing a pot of coffee to use. The digital screen tells you when to add more coffee, water or to empty the grounds bin. It rinses itself during the heating process (which you can program to be automatic)and during shut off. You really only have to presteam and post to keep the nozzle clear. Beans are easiest to use. Preground is an option, but it can only load enough for two brews.

Place your cups on top for warming on the preset option — what a joy to wake up to on a rainy morning.
Purchase a taller stainless steamer and a thermometer and you’ll be all set.

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3 Responses to “DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400”

  1. Coffee Lover says:

    I am so happy I purchased the Magnifica!!

  2. Coffee Lover says:

    This is being sold at Starbucks for $700 currently.

  3. Starbucks lover says:

    Starbucks is now clearing this item for $450… get one while they last. Retail is $1200, refurbished $550. You will not find a lower price!

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