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How to Make coffee Like a Barista in Your home

How do I make coffee at home like a barista?
I am a coffee lover and tried everything I can to make a decent cup at home. My coffee always turns out bad. What am I doing wrong? Any good coffee making tips?

You got to have good equipment and good coffee. There’s a lot of types of coffee, what exactly do you want to make? If it’s just regular coffee and you have a coffee maker just buy ground coffee beans at your favorite coffee shop or wherever you’ll find good coffee. If you’re not satisfied with the coffee maker coffee, i suggest you buy a French Press. It makes coffee that’s more flavorful and it’s very easy to use, doesn’t need coffee filter or electricity.
If you’re more interested in making flavored coffee like in Starbucks, you’re gonna need an espresso machine and learn how to steam milk properly.

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How many teaspoons of coffee are in a 200 gram jar of coffee?

Question by engteach: How many teaspoons of coffee are in a 200 gram jar of coffee?
In other words, how many cups of coffee can you make from one jar of coffee?
What I need to know is how many cups of coffee – to drink (assuming 1 teaspoon of coffee and a cup of boinling water) can I make from a jar of 200 grams of coffee. I don’t need cups of ground coffee!

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Answer by Betty
You can’t really convert weight to volume unless you have a conversion factor. You need to either need to know the average weight for a given volume of cofffee or you need the average density of gournd coffee to figure this problem out.

Edit: has program that does this sort of thing. According to them, 200 grams of ground coffee is about 106.78 tsp, 36 Tbsp or about 2.22 cups.

I don’t know how many tsp you get per cup, but this should be enough info for you to figure it out.

Edit: 1 tsp per cup, you’ll get 106.78 cups of coffee.

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How to Use Less Coffee

What method of brewing coffee uses the least amount of coffee?
Coffee is expensive so I want to find a method to make it using the least amount necessary. I am happy to pay more for the machine needed as long as it uses less coffee!

I use one of those cloth filters you soak in the hot water – 1 table spoon -soak for 5 minutes – being Jewish it works.

What about Cold brewing?

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