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Jura-Capresso Impressa C5 Automatic Coffee Center

Jura-Capresso Impressa C5 Automatic Coffee Center
Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Center

Purchased this machine about three months ago and have been totally pleased with it. Owned a C 1000 and upgraded with the frothXpress PLUS as well…. Easy to program, easy to use and easy to clean. I have been through two cycles of cleaning with the tablets and the cleaning took about half the time the C 1000 took… It uses special Cearly Blue filters.. no discounts on these. They are a standard price and you replace them with every cleaning so there is a little expense with this.

The frothXpress is great and I use it only when I am making a few cappuccinos. It comes completely apart and cleans easily.

All in all, I could not be happier. The only thing that coul be better are the initial directions on how to use the machine. Having owned the other one, this one was easier to maneuver. The directions for the frothXpress PLUS are almost non-existent but I found some directions online which helped.

It is a hefty price for a machine but I value good coffee. You will not be disappointed.

The IMPRESSA C5 demonstrates how simple the enjoyment of a perfect cup of coffee can be. The latest addition to the IMPRESSA compact line sets new standards in coffee quality and looks as good as its performance. One of its most outstanding features is the smart operation: a whole range of coffee specialties can be made using a single control.

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How to Make coffee Like a Barista in Your home

How do I make coffee at home like a barista?
I am a coffee lover and tried everything I can to make a decent cup at home. My coffee always turns out bad. What am I doing wrong? Any good coffee making tips?

You got to have good equipment and good coffee. There’s a lot of types of coffee, what exactly do you want to make? If it’s just regular coffee and you have a coffee maker just buy ground coffee beans at your favorite coffee shop or wherever you’ll find good coffee. If you’re not satisfied with the coffee maker coffee, i suggest you buy a French Press. It makes coffee that’s more flavorful and it’s very easy to use, doesn’t need coffee filter or electricity.
If you’re more interested in making flavored coffee like in Starbucks, you’re gonna need an espresso machine and learn how to steam milk properly.

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How many teaspoons of coffee are in a 200 gram jar of coffee?

Question by engteach: How many teaspoons of coffee are in a 200 gram jar of coffee?
In other words, how many cups of coffee can you make from one jar of coffee?
What I need to know is how many cups of coffee – to drink (assuming 1 teaspoon of coffee and a cup of boinling water) can I make from a jar of 200 grams of coffee. I don’t need cups of ground coffee!

Best answer:

Answer by Betty
You can’t really convert weight to volume unless you have a conversion factor. You need to either need to know the average weight for a given volume of cofffee or you need the average density of gournd coffee to figure this problem out.

Edit: has program that does this sort of thing. According to them, 200 grams of ground coffee is about 106.78 tsp, 36 Tbsp or about 2.22 cups.

I don’t know how many tsp you get per cup, but this should be enough info for you to figure it out.

Edit: 1 tsp per cup, you’ll get 106.78 cups of coffee.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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How to Use Less Coffee

What method of brewing coffee uses the least amount of coffee?
Coffee is expensive so I want to find a method to make it using the least amount necessary. I am happy to pay more for the machine needed as long as it uses less coffee!

I use one of those cloth filters you soak in the hot water – 1 table spoon -soak for 5 minutes – being Jewish it works.

What about Cold brewing?

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Coffee Lovers: The Gaggia Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Coffee Lovers: The Gaggia Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia of Milan, Italy has created another fantastic espresso machine, the Gaggia Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine. When you consider it’s handsome looks, an extraordinary list of features, and it’s superior brew quality, you understand you’ve got a remarkable machine.

The push-button simplicity starts with seven programmable buttons which operate many of the features on the machine. Included in these features are three coffee volume settings, a pre-grinding setting, a pre-infusion setting, five different temperature settings, and an on/off timer.

The front panel and outer shell are made of steel. Inside the shell are the Titanium’s two stainless steel boilers, one for brewing coffee, and the other for steaming and frothing milk. Using the double-boiler system you no longer have to wait for the water to re-heat, while your espresso cools off, before you can froth your milk.  And the Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine gives you the option of using either the stainless steel Gaggia “Turbo Frother” or the auto-frother (which is included) to (more…)

Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Did you know that you can make your own coffee pods?

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Instructional Video for the Delonghi 3400

DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400Many people have been asking me for information on the instructional video for the Delonghi 3400. Yes I have seen this video and it is a pretty good tutorial on the Delonghi 3400. I wouldn’t pay for the video, but if Delonghi approves it I could burn the DVD and send it out if you pay for shipping.

So if you are looking for the Instructional Video for the Delonghi 3400 let me know.

DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400

DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400

DeLonghi is proud to offer you the Magnifica. This wonderful espresso and coffee machine makes coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes with its latest, most advanced technology for brewing authentic Italian espresso or coffee. The DeLonghi Magnifica has digital programmable menu settings that allow you to adjust start time, auto-shutoff, and the clock. You can adjust the temperature of the coffee and water hardness.

Plus, there are five settings for coffee strength: extra-mild, mild, regular, strong, and extra-strong, Three buttons allow you to easily choose the size cup you want: ristretto (small), espresso (medium), and American coffee (large). The three settings can be customized to your preferred taste. This super-automatic machine will handle any coffee needs you may have, and with its sleek design it will compliment any kitchen decor.

These are sold heavily by Starbucks as well as Macy’s and other retailers. I recommend you check the links above for great deals on the DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3400 and other fine super automatic machines.

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Saeco Incanto Sirius Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Incanto Sirius Super Automatic Espresso MachineSaeco Incanto Sirius Super Automatic Espresso Machine
The Incanto Sirius is the newest Saeco super automatic machine. Flawless in design, it is engineered to produce the best cup of coffee. With all of its cutting edge innovations…you can taste the passion we have for our work.
The Sirius has a sleek stainless steel frame with a clear ABS plastic covering over the control panel. It introduces several new innovations from Saeco such as the Saeco Brewing System (SBS®), which allows you to make an infinite variety of coffee from one automatic machine. Simply turn the dial located on the front of the dispensing head and you can regulate the amount of pressure used to brew each cup.
Additionally, the Incanto Sirius is the first super automatic machine to come with a built-in ceramic grinder. Virtually noise free, the ceramic grinder provides a more controlled grind, ensuring a perfect dose every time you brew.
The touch screen display adds sophistication and ease to preparing your coffee. The graphic display uses special icons to clearly detail each function so coffee is prepared with minimal effort in just seconds. The Incanto Sirius is the pinnacle of Saeco technology, which is why Saeco is the world leader in super automatic espresso machines.

Saeco Incanto Sirius Super Automatic Espresso Machine details:
Stainless steel housing & boiler
Streak-free finish
Ceramic grinder
New 12-gram brew group
Rapid Steam
SBS Saeco Brewing system
Saeco Opti-Dose adjustable doser
Pre-ground bypass coffee doser
3 programmable brew settings
Articulated pannarello for easy frothing
Touch-screen display
Bon Temp active cup warmer
Adjustable grinder settings
Aqua Prima water filter
Automatic descaling cycle
Automatic temperature control
Factory reset feature
Swivel base
Removable, adjustable brew head (more…)

Trevi Automatica Exclusive espresso and coffee machine

Trevi Automatica Exclusive espresso and coffee machineTrevi Automatica Exclusive espresso and coffee machine

Elegant dark blue and chrome finish fully automatic coffee machine that brews fresh coffee from the bean to the cup at the touch of a button. Brews one or two cups at a time. Grinds, doses, tamps, brews and dispenses the used coffee grounds in one cycle.
- Exclusive and powerful Pannarello milk-frother attachment for heating and faster frothing of excellent cappuccino
- Pre-infusion system during brewing process to improve the coffee extraction
- Rapid steam generator to froth milk and get coffee in few seconds

Trevi Automatica Exclusive espresso and coffee machine Accessories:

* Cleaning brush
* Key for brew group maintenance
* Cappuccinatore Kit (for anthracite only)

Trevi Automatica Exclusive espresso and coffee machine Item (more…)

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